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Brazil is a land of wonder and beauty known for its vibrant culture and diverse geography. The country’s greatest resource is its people, long recognized for their kindness, sincerity, and warmth.

This website is a tribute to the country of Brazil, and is dedicated to the people who helped make it great. Here you will find general and donation information on the Brasil Doce Lar Foundation, a non-profit entity that provides educational opportunities for Brazilian youth. You can also purchase the renowned documentary Brasil Doce Lar, a short film that depicts the love of a young American couple for the country, culture, and people of Brazil (all proceeds are donated to the Brasil Doce Lar Foundation). Finally, you will find information, including links to blogs and image libraries, that share the rich history, geography, and culture of Brazil. It is hoped that this site and its contents will be used by all those who love Brazil and want to share that love with others through images, stories, and by creating a legacy of giving back to the Brazilian people.