A Shared Legacy

Wayne Beck grew up on a humble farm surrounded by mountains in the western part of North America. In 1938, as a 20 year old, he sailed the Atlantic Ocean to serve a mission in the far away land of Brazil.

After two and a half years he returned to the U.S. and met Evelyn, a beautiful and sweet woman, who first became his dance partner and eventually his eternal partner as they married on June 20, 1942.

The young couple had little money and awaited the birth of their second son when Wayne received an invitation to return to Brazil to serve another mission. This time, however, he would have to sell their few possessions and take his young wife and children with him.

This is a story of the concerns and insecurities of a young mother on her way to a foreign land, the challenges of learning a new language, and her relationships with wonderful people who would become eternal friends.

Brasil Doce Lar is inspired by Evelyn’s letters as she grew to love the people, culture, country, and traditions of Brazil. It is an account of a young family forging an identity individually and together as they create unbreakable bonds of friendship with the people and land of Brazil that continues through multiple decades and generations.